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S’mores Pie

Gather your guests around a campfire of your own making with this warm and toasty reinterpretation of this summer camp staple.

Iced Hot Chocolate

This summer-approved cocoa recipe tastes indulgent, but the fat free milk adds protein and calcium to a sweet treat.

Perfectly Chocolate Cake

A chocolate cake this rich deserves icing that’s just as dedicated to decadence – with a sprinkle of crushed candy, of course.

Hidden Valley Ranch Bread

Depending on where your party’s headed, these crusty, ranch-infused loaves can be toasted under your broiler or right on the grill.

Zesty Salsa Burgers

Mixing RO*TEL® tomatoes and green chilies directly into each patty gives these burgers an irresistible kick with every bite.

Corn and Tomato Picnic Salad

Corn, tomatoes, and bits of smoky bacon come together to create a super simple side dish for days spent on a blanket or nights by the grill.

Veggie salad recipe of corn, tomatoes and bacon combined for a super simple side dish


Grilled Chicken Club Sandwiches

Tuck this grilled chicken breast with bacon bits and melted Swiss recipe into a roll for a piping hot twist on the club sandwich.

Mini Pepper Garland

A handful of mini peppers and some ribbon are all you need to unfurl a party banner that really packs a punch! Try alternating colors, playing with spacing, or adding hanging letters to make it your own – then drape it in a doorway or on the backs of guests’ chairs.

Pepper Salad Bowls

Even serving a salad seems more festive when it is delivered in individual cut pepper bowls that add a fun pop of color to any table.

Lemon Votives

Set the mood for a fabulous evening with friends with sparkling votive holders made from fresh-picked lemons.

Pop of Pepper Vase

Jazz up a regular bouquet of flowers with this effortlessly unique centerpiece that’s sure to attract attention at any fiesta.

Grahams Trail Mix

Combine two campsite essentials in one sweet and salty treat with this s’mores-flavored trail mix.

TRISCUIT Pull-Apart “Pizza”

A little bit pizza and a little bit nachos, these toasty squares are a total blank canvas for whatever mix of meat and veggies you have on hand.

Cheeseburger Dip

This hearty cheeseburger dip is already pretty irresistible, but you can make it with Mexican VELVEETA for an extra kick.

Confetti Mac & Cheese

Sneak a serving of vegetables into this cheesy standby to make it extra colorful, and extra nutritious.

Cheeseburger Joes

Already put the grill away for the season? These cheeseburger-inspired sloppy Joes offer the same backyard flavor without the grill.

Mac & Cheese Lasagna

Serve this playful take on lasagna with a mixed green salad for a quick weeknight meal that’s still plenty of fun.

RITZ Parmesan Chicken

Simple ingredients come together beautifully in a chicken dish that works equally well for Tuesday night supper or a Friday night dinner party.

OREO Milkshake

Up your ice cream game with a milkshake recipe you can prepare in a few easy steps.

Mini Fruit Pizza Parfait

These cookie stacks are so simple, you can try making them with all your favorite CHIPS AHOY cookies, PHILADELPHIA Cream Cheese Spreads, and fruits.

Double Berry Smoothie

Try using strawberry nonfat yogurt to triple the berry flavor in these frosty blended drinks.

Mini Chocolate Whoopie Pies

You can personalize these fluffy sandwich cakes with your favorite HERSHEY’S Spreads flavors, but good luck keeping others away from the pile!

Sweet Rewards Goal Tracker

Reward your family’s hard work with a little sweetness! All it takes is our free printables, a bit of initiative, and few HERSHEY'S KISSES.

Rockin’ Guacamole

Turn up the volume on guacamole with by adding zesty Ro*Tel tomatoes, onion and lime juice to creamy avocados.

Chipotle Hot Dog Roll Ups

Hot dogs on the grill get a little feistier with spicy chipotle pepper spread, salsa, and Monterey Jack cheese.

Grilled Ham & Cheese

Grilled cheese on the grill? It’s amazing we never thought of this before, but adding Ranch dressing is the real stroke of genius.

IZZE Cherry Lime-Ade

A little sparkling soda and a splash of tart cherry juice create an irresistible summertime flavor that’s worth the pucker.

Grilled Steak Baguettes

You don’t need to travel very far for an amazing steak sandwich, just head out to your patio.

IZZE Iced Peartini

Get twice the bright flavor with this spritzer made with pear vodka and pear soda.

Party Plan: Red, White & Blue Bash

Celebrate America’s birthday with a backyard barbecue that’s bursting with creative twists on summer favorites and some sweetly simple décor ideas.


Use red, white, and blue scrapbook paper in fun patterns for a festive and mess–free way to serve snacks to guests.

Bacon Ranch Broccoli Slaw

This colorful side dish couldn’t be simpler, but the fun mix of flavors and textures make it unforgettable for guests.

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