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Party Plan: Cinco De Mayo Celebration

Celebrate the best of Mexican-inspired fun and flavor with our delicious plan for a truly festive fiesta. From finger foods, to decedent desserts and fruity cocktails, your guests will keep the party going until at least sixth of May.

Layered Mexican Party Salad

Pre-sliced and prepared ingredients make it a breeze to satisfy your craving for this party classic. But be warned: you may be asked to make it again and again.

Mexican Chocolate Cake

Decedent devil’s food meets dulce de leche when you opt to cover this Mexican chocolate cake with the suggested caramelized sugar frosting.

Fizzy Lime Sodaritas

Margaritas not peppy enough for your party? Add a generous splash of bright and bubbly Mexican soda to a base of tequila, lime and orange juice.

Mexican Snack Squares

Think of these pillowy, cheesy squares as a Tex-Mex take on a traditional pizza – with refried beans, sour cream, and green bell pepper topped with a pile of shredded Cheddar.

Mexican Buffalo Chicken Dip

The cool tang of blue cheese gets a south of the border kick in this dip made with refried beans and taco seasoning. Try serving with a sprinkle of blue cheese crumbles or a little cayenne pepper.


Mock Margaritas

You don’t need tequila to throw a fun fiesta. Just blend up a pitcher of this tart and tangy frozen treat. Don’t forget to salt the rim! (

Bisquick Churros

The simple goodness of these slivers of dough tossed in cinnamon and sugar gets even simpler when you use a Bisquick mix to make the dough.

Berry Fizz Punch

Your kids will love the fruity taste of this fizzy mocktail almost as much as they’ll love helping you mix the ingredients together.

Party Plan Bunny Hop Brunch

No matter the color of the eggs in your fridge, we make it easy to host a sunny, springtime celebration this Easter. Full of brunch classics and sweet treats, these recipes are as simple to prepare as they are to share with your guests. Explore our Easter menu.

Cheesy Ham & Apple Cups

These perfectly portioned mini-casseroles use mustard and crisp apples to strike a balance between sweet and savory.

Honey Dijon Deviled Eggs

A hint of honey adds a heavenly touch to these deviled eggs. For an elegant touch, use a pastry bag with a decorative tip to pipe the filling, and garnish with a sprig of dill or a sprinkle of paprika.

Mixed-Berry Cream Parfaits

These layered parfaits can be just as colorful as dying eggs. Mix and match your favorite fruits and yogurts for a varied look on a platter, or just set out the ingredients and let your guests get creative.

Lovely Leek Quiche

No need to learn how to flip an omelet for a successful brunch. With a pre-made piecrust and little time in the oven, it’s easy to whip up an egg dish that will have guests serving themselves in seconds.

Peachy Mimosas

Can’t decide between a Mimosa or a Bellini? You don’t have to with this sparkling peach nectar and orange juice cocktail that mixes the best of both.

Morning Glory Carrot Cake

There won’t be many carrots left for the Easter bunny after your guests get a hold of this tender carrot cake with cream cheese and flaked coconut frosting.

Cheesy Au Gratin Potato Cupcakes

This potato gratin recipe has all the mouth-watering appeal of everyone’s favorite cheese and potato dish, but eliminates the intensive prep work.

Party Plan: Nothing But Net

We’ve got a winning strategy for a sports-themed party with plenty of snacks and desserts to fuel your cheering section. No matter what the score is when the buzzer rings, you may just want to do the wave in your living room.

REESE’S All-Star Team Cupcakes

Team spirit is the name of the game when it comes to making these creative cupcakes. Enlist your kids to help give each peanut butter cup player a unique look.

REESE'S Basketball Court Cake

Create a delicious world for chocolate-lovers and basketball fans alike with a cake that’s a full court press of fun and whimsy.

RITZ "Cuban" Sandwich

Enjoy all the flavor of a Cuban sandwich without the sandwich. You can use ham, deli-style turkey, or a little of both. Just don’t forget the pickle!

Rebound Bacon Ranch Dip

By swapping the full-fat ingredients for some lighter alternatives, you can make this crowd-pleasing dip a more regular family favorite.

Italian Spinach Dip with WHEAT THINS Crackers

When there isn’t much time on your party prep shot clock you can whip up this garden-inspired Italian dip in just a few minutes the night before. Serve with cut vegetables in addition to the snacks for a little extra crunch

RITZ Kickin' Buffalo Cheese Bites

If your guests are clambering for heat, an extra dash of hot pepper sauce before serving will take these appetizers from Buffalo-style to “Inferno-style” in no time flat.

REESE’S Mascot Mix

Get peanut butter fans on their feet with this easy to multiply snack. Just toss your favorite peanut butter treats with a few handfuls of mixed nuts and your crowd will be cheering in no time.

Party Plan: Mad About March Viewing Party

When the brackets are in and it’s getting close to tip-off time, we’ve got everything you need to host a marathon party that’s guaranteed to win over your guests.

Beer & Cheddar Cheese Dip

Adding a little of your favorite brew gives this creamy cheese dip a flavorful kick. Try a dark porter for a more robust taste, or a wheat beer to keep things nice and light.

Game Day Ranch Guacamole

Homemade guacamole gets even more exciting with the addition of an Anaheim chile and some ranch seasoning.

Personal BBQ Chicken Pizza

These mini-pizzas make a great game-time snack or an easy weeknight dinner – just toss a salad together while the chicken is marinating and you’ll have a complete meal ready in minutes.

Island Teriyaki Meatballs

Turn these tangy meatballs into a dozen tropical sliders by rolling the meat mixture into patties. Serve topped with more red onion and pineapple on a toasted Hawaiian sweet roll or slider bun.

Ranch Buffalo Wings

Ranch Buffalo Wings

If you know you’re going to be dipping your Buffalo wings into ranch dressing, why not just bake the flavor right into the sauce?

Boo Bugs with Bug-Catcher Dip

The classic “pigs in a blanket” become “bugs in a web” with the addition of potato legs and a clever use of condiments.

Party Plan: Bug Out Birthday

If you’ve got a bug-loving birthday boy on your hands, we’ve got a plan for a creative party with plenty of wiggly appeal.

Spider’s Web Pizza

Turn an easy homemade pizza into a tangled web of gooey-goodness with string cheese and an eight-legged olive/p>

Bubbly Black Punch with Wormy Ice Ring

This lip-smacking bug juice is a delicious blend of flavored soda and fruit punch – but it’s the frozen surprise that will keep your guests coming back to the punchbowl/p>

Crawling Critter Cupcakes

Let your imagination run on the wild side when it’s time to dress up your cupcakes. You can even get your kids in on the decorating fun!

Inchworm Cake

Turn a simple cake into a caterpillar that’s (almost) too adorable to eat.

Herbed Chicken Puffs

Prepared chicken salad cuts down on the prep time for these easy herbed appetizers.

Tea Sandwich Flats

Goat cheese and prepared egg salad make a creamy topping for puffed squares of crescent roll dough, while sliced radish and cucumber add a satisfying crunch.

Orange Madeleine’s

Special madeleine molds will give you just the right crispness on the edge of these classic pastries, but try using a muffin, mini-muffin, or whoopee pie pan if that’s what you happen to have on hand.

Lemon Tea Cookies

Enlist help from eager kids when it’s time to add the thumbprint to these lemony thumbprint cookies.

Party Time Purse Cake

Fans of dress up and fashion trends will love this clever purse confection. Don’t forget to get some decorating tips from the birthday girl!

Chai Iced Tea

Treat the adults at your tea party to a refreshing drink with hints of cardamom and clove.

Party Plan: Happy Birthday Pizza Party

No matter how old your birthday boy or girl, chances are that pizza tops their favorite foods list. So why not plan a party full of their favorite toppings, extra cheese, and a few more Italian goodies?

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