DIY Basketball Hoop Serving Trays

Created by: Greggy Soriano, Greggy’s Digest

Want a sporty way to serve snacks for basketball season? These DIY basketball hoop serving trays are a clever and easy way to pull out all the stops on your table display for the game. They’re made out of paper plates and will definitely be a slam dunk at your party!

  • Kroger Paper Plates, 8.5” size 
  • 20-25’ parachute cord rope or any type of thick white rope
  • 1 large plastic martini glass, plastic tumbler or candlestick wide enough to hold the plate as a serving tray
  • Construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Paper glue
  • Glue gun
  • Black permanent marker
  • Hole punch (optional)
  1. Use a hole punch to evenly make 12 holes on the edge of a paper plate. You can also make slits with scissors by folding the edge of the paper plate under and cutting a small V-shape then opening it back up. Make sure the holes are the right size for the rope to pass through. If you want a more sturdy plate, do this to one or two additional plates, then layer them on top of each other, matching up the holes.
  2. Cut 12 pieces of rope 20” in length. 
  3. Hot-glue a paper plate to the bottom of your tumbler or martini glass. If you're using a candlestick, glue it to the top.
  4. Insert a cord from beneath the hole and tie a knot at the top. Continue to do this with all 12 holes.
  5. Gather two strings together about 2 inches from the top and tie a knot. Continue to do this for the other strings, making sure the knots are at approximately the same level.
  6. Grab a string from one knot on the right side and gather it with a string from the knot on the left side. Tie another knot, just like the last step, about 2 inches down from the last set of knots, forming a diamond shape. Continue to do this with the remaining strings.
  7. Repeat to make another row, creating another set of diamond shapes until you reach the bottom. This should be the last row, but go ahead and do another set of knots if there’s enough slack for one more. 
  8. Cut out a shape from another paper plate to look like a basketball hoop backboard. Decorate the backboard with construction paper and paper glue. You can also outline the backboard with a black permanent marker. Arrange the serving trays on your table, place treats on them and enjoy! Slam dunk!
Bonus basketball-themed decor:
  1. Use a cup as a stencil to make circles on orange construction paper in different sizes. Draw lines onto the circles so they look like basketballs and cut out the circles.
  2. Fold black construction paper into an accordion.  
  3. Close the accordion-folded paper and fold it in half.  
  4. Open the fold and glue one side, then attach it to make a round paper medallion. Repeat on other side to complete the medallion.
  5. Glue a paper basketball to the center of the medallion.

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