How to Create a Non-Traditional Holiday Table Setting

Created by: Lauren Saylor, A Fabulous Fete

When I want my home to feel festive for the holidays, but also fit with our unique style, I come up with an alternative, non-traditional color palette. There are ways to incorporate things to keep your house ready for the holidays without buying ALL of that red and green!

Find a traditional, wintery pattern in your favorite color! I always love black and white, so that’s what I went for with the plaid table runner.

Pull out your basic tableware and add some fun personalized pieces with festive words. I used plastic plates and lettered holiday-inspired words for the table.

Include some greenery or flowers that set the mood, like pine branches or fragrant rosemary.

Bring pieces in from nature that are winter-themed, like wood elements or faux antlers painted with your theme.

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