4 Easy DIY Back-To-School Plant-Based Meals

By: Margaret Chapman, The Plant Philosophy

Back-to-school lunches are here! I’m so excited to be sharing content geared towards vegan kiddos, however adults can have a little fun and make these for themselves too. Really this is perfect for all ages because you can modify each as needed. A little meal prep never hurt anyone.

  1. Mini Gluten-Free Pizza Bites
    • Vegan Gluten-Free Mini Pizzas with a side of Natural Fruit Roll-Ups and an easy to peel Tangerine for balance. For the kid that keeps it real. I made it gluten-free by using my absolute favorite English Muffins from Food For Life Baking Co. You can find them in the gf freezer section. I recommend defrosting first and toasting them before topping with sauce and vegan cheese. Then bake/broil until crispy and melty on top. Feel free to add veggies and/or omit the vegan cheese and replace with a cashew based version.
  2. Rainbow Rice Paper Salad Rolls with Homemade Peanut Sauce and Simple Truth Banana Chips
    • You can make these very quickly and if you wrap them tightly with plastic or parchment, they can stay fresh for a few days. Otherwise they’ll dry out, be sure to keep them wrapped and in an air-tight container. If the texture isn’t your favorite, try baking them and changing the filling for an Asian noodle style combo.
  3. Vegan Cheese & Hickory Tofurky Crackers Lunchable
    • Vegan Cheese, Tofurky & Gluten-Free Crackers with Natural Fruit Roll-Ups and a Tangerine. The second Lunchable combo I’ve veganized and it’s also gluten-free too! Using Daiya Cheddar Cheese Slices and Tofurky Slow-Roasted Hickory, cut into circles with a small cookie cutter. I actually used one that perfectly fit the Simple Truth Gluten-Free Black Pepper Crackers I used to pair with it. You can also make these by using any combo of vegan cheese, mock meat and/or crackers you like best. These just happen to be my favorites and they’re always accessible at my local Kroger grocery store.
  4. Almond Butter & Chia Jam Banana Wraps
    • Wrapped in a Simple Truth tortilla with a generous layer of Simple Truth Almond Butter (no sugar or oil added!), with Homemade Chia Jam, this batch was peach, and a ripe banana. Roll and cut into bite-sized pieces, or cut in half and eat like a wrap. Paired this with a side of Simple Truth Carrot sticks and a mix of raisins and sunflower seeds.

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