10 Ultimate Tailgating Hacks

Once school starts, those lazy summer mornings are history. To ensure that weekday mornings run smoothly, it’s best to have a plan. Here’s a list to get your kids out the door with everything they need for a great school day. Once they’re on board, you’ll be rewarded with a moment to catch your breath as well.

Dietitian’s Tips: Enjoy the Game without the Gorge

Created by: By: Allison Kuhn, MS, RD, LD
Kroger Corporate Dietitian

Fall and winter may be famous for their traditional holidays, but let’s not forget about football season, a definite highlight of this time of year!

Boost your snack spread!

Is your table looking a little flat? Keep things interesting by adding a bit of height and variation to your spread.

Ice it down!

Forget to chill your beer? Don’t sweat it. We know a little secret.

Ad attack!

On the day of the big game, commercials are half the fun!

Smooth move!

We have just the secret to smooth the wrinkles from even the most creased vinyl tablecloths…and it works in a blink!

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